The Simplicity of Worship

After spending some time reading John 12, I am struck by how simple worship really can be.  I know at times we like to complicate things in our lives as if we are writing an instruction manual that nobody can quite figure out.  But worship doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be this way.  

Worship needs to be simple.  John 12 is a brief peek into the window of worship through some of Jesus’ closest followers.  In these few verses we encounter Lazarus (and Simon the Leper), Mary and Martha and of course Judas.  

Here are three things you could do this week as an act of worship.

1 – Sit in His presence – I would use the term “hang out” with Jesus.  Do this without being in a hurry or feeling rushed to get to the next appointment or check the next thing off your “to do” list.  Just find a quiet place, a copy of the Gospels and get alone with him.  I promise that even if you can do this for 5 minutes…it will change your perspective.

2 – Serve Jesus by Serving Others – Whether you find someone in need in the community or just serve the people in your home, this too can change your perspective.  Serving is noble and good, and when you serve Jesus by serving others you are worshipping.  After all, Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve.

3 – Sacrifice – Mary took a vial of expensive perfume and poured it out over Jesus.  What sacrifice of sweet adoration could you make for Jesus as an act of worship?  It could be some gift you want to give Him or some time you want to carve out for Him.  There are so many things you could do, but just choose one as a simple act of worship.  You will be glad you did.