We exist to lead children into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ!

Because we believe it’s all about Jesus, we strive to lead kids to exalt Jesus through engaging and age-appropriate environments.

Because we believe every phase matters, we strive to partner with parents in teaching God’s Word.

Because we believe relationships matter, we strive to connect kids with friends and adults who care.

Because we believe serving others matters, we strive to model servants hearts.

Because we believe everyone has a part to play, we strive to connect a kid’s heart to God’s purpose for them.

cornerstone kids nursery

sunday mornings


Cornerstone Kids Nursery is available during the first service on Sunday mornings for your infant through preschool aged children.

If you prefer to keep your infant with you during the service and find they need a quiet place, then we have exactly what you need. There is an infant care room available during any of our service times. It is located near the women’s restroom in the worship center. Each worship service is streamed live in there for your convenience.

cornerstone kids preschool


10:00AM & 11:30AM

Cornerstone Kids Preschool is our environment created especially for your infant through preschool aged children.

We look forward to helping your preschooler learn these three basic truths:

God loves me!

God made me!

Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

cornerstone kids ELEMENTARY

10:00AM & 11:30 AM

Cornerstone Kids Elementary is our environment created especially for your K-3rd grader.

We want each elementary student to make wiser choices, build stronger relationships, and most importantly begin or develop a deeper faith in Christ.


sunday mornings

10:00AM & 11:30AM

Cornerstone 45 is a unique environment created for 4th and 5th graders. We desire for these kids to enter into a life-changing relationship with Christ. We are encouraging the kids to make their Bible their own and to use them more as handbooks for life, applicable and personal!


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