Gary and Dena Pate moved to Shell, Ecuador in 2013 to become full time missionaries.  In 2014, God gave them direction to go to Cuenca, Ecuador where they now live and minister.  

Ecuador is a country of 13 million; 98% Catholic.  Most of the children and adults have religion, but do not understand what it is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Their desire is to reach and teach the children of Ecuador about Christ so that they will accept Him as Savior, grow in Him, and lead their own people to Christ as the future leaders of this beautiful country.  

Gary and Dena currently work in the city and in several remote rural areas within a 3 1/2 hour radius by four wheel drive vehicle.  The rural areas span from the Andes Mountains up to elevations of 11,000 feet and down to the coastal lowlands.  They help to build relationships, train, disciple and offer community evangelical outreaches to house church lay-pastors with the Highland Quichua and Mestizo people.  In most cases, these pastors and their families are the only evangelical believers in their community.  When they go into these house church communities to hold adult and children's evangelism programs, medical clinics or other projects, it provides the lay-pastor an opportunity to offer something to the community and a huge platform to share the gospel.  

They currently work in the following areas of ministry in local communities, schools, parks, orphanages and remote house churches and their communities:
Adult & children's evangelistic programs, Children's VBS and Kids Bible Clubs, community outreach programs, ESL, community medical clinics and construction projects.  

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